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Ian Wootten
Founder and Developer

Hi. I'm Ian. Welcome to Nifty Digits, my small software company in Cardiff, UK. Since 2012, I've been building applications for the likes of The Office for National Statistics, the BBC and Aardman Features.



I specialise in Python and JavaScript. I favour simple solutions and building upon existing open source libraries to deliver them. I can develop full web products, microservices or plugins to extend an existing piece of software. Together we’ll agree on a clear set of deliverables that can be worked on as part of one or many sprints. I’m able to develop solo or alongside your own team.


I use tools like Docker to ensure that my code works the same in both development and production environments. By describing your infrastructure as code, we’ll ensure it can both be built from the ground up if there’s ever a problem and tested against every change to your code.


I can review existing code and provide honest no nonsense feedback on where changes might be made. If your app doesn’t require a full rebuild, I can advise or refactor the parts that no longer work for you. I provide comprehensive tests and documentation with my code so future developers will find it easy to work with.

Sound good? Please get in touch to find out how I can help you.

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